Gooseneck Desk Lamp - Green

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Spice up your desk space with this unique, trendy and quirky Gooseneck Desk Lamp from the house of MUMUSO. Featuring a fun and refreshing style, this desk lamp is perfect for illuminating the small area of your table and serves as a great piece of décor.

WHAT AM I - Night Lamp

MY COLOR - Green

MY DESIGN - Flexible neck with round pan-shaped light holder

MY DIMENSION - 10 x 10.7 x 34 cm


I FEATURE - Touch Switch, Two Levels of Brightness, Chargeable Port, 360 degree adjustment

USE ME FOR – Emitting dim light for sleeping, reading, and quirking up your interiors

I PROMISE YOU – Premium quality, modern design, and subdued lighting

I CONTAIN - 1 unit of desk lamp

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