With mercury dropping and cold winds playing peek-a-boo with us, it’s time to put your winter skincare alarm on. If you have somehow hit snooze on your skincare routine, now is the time to pull up your socks, well quite literally, and slog it out in the skincare realm.

Chapped lips, flaky skin and dull dry patches conspire together at this time of the year to revel in skin chaos. But are you sure you would want to let these pesky nosy killjoys jeopardize your festive spirit and holiday glow? Of course not! Nobody would want to end up looking like a dehydrated crocodile that had its share of hydration some 400 years ago!

For your comprehensive winter skincare daily routine, we recommend you to swear by this list that will not burn meteors in your pocket and will toil hard for your skin while you bask in the festive spirit.




Your Numero Uno bet this winter for a moisturizer should be MUMUSO’s Aloe Vera Face Cream. This face cream is well, a face cream but mind you, it is not what the age old cold creams/face creams lying on your mother’s vanity does! This cream is a concoction of the choicest Aloe Vera extracts with premium handpicked ingredients that is super friendly for your skin and keep you protected not just against unwanted winter breakouts but also provide the right amount of hydration that will make you swear by this product. We are not lying, huh. Try it to believe it. And thank us later.





If you were wondering how to give the Sun a stiff competition for glowing the brightest, we have got you covered. Get your hands on our Vitamin C Serum for Glowing and Bright Skin that will make you look like the brightest wonder on Earth. Enriched with Vitamin C extracts that will give you the beauty influencer glow, we believe it is the correct time to bring out your fancy gua-shas and jade rollers and get ready to glow. It is going to be a race against time to grab this once since it is a best seller and flies off the racks faster than your favourite packet of chips.





What are the odds that on winter mornings, you wake up, wash your face and then your skin looks like the Sahara desert’s identical twin? Well, if this has been the case for many moons, we think it is time for you to swap your regular face wash with a facial cleanser. Technically speaking, a face wash is supposed to only cleanse your face and not sweep away your sins or your facial oils. Don’t worry, if you want to save your skin’s natural oils from getting endangered, then quickly switch to our Snail Gel Facial Cleanser for Clear and Bright Skin. For starters, this facial cleanser contains the much raved about Korean skincare magic ingredient: Snail mucin extracts and we think that is reason enough for you to make the transition.





Taking care of your face is important but stop treating your body just like the middle child in every brown family is treated! Your skincare includes taking care of your body too. You certainly don’t need to splurge chunks of money to get nourished, healthy and hydrated skin. What you need right now to gear up for the upcoming winter season is a promise that you shall follow our recommendations and take it seriously. MUMUSO’s Coffee Body Lotion for Silky Smooth Skin is godsend for days when dry flaky skin takes over. Enriched with premium coffee extracts, it has just the right texture that offers round the clock hydration. Just slather some over your hands and feet and let your skin cocoon itself in nourishment. And oh, did we mention it smells so amazing that you won’t be able to keep your hands off it. The only caveat? You can’t drink it!





If you are in the mood to brew some more coffee into your skincare routine, you can give our Coffee Body Scrub a try too. Another popular product from our best-selling Coffee range, this scrub will help you to exfoliate and enrich your skin and bid good bye to dry dead skin cells that keep accumulating during winters.





Our last recommendation for this year’s winter skincare on a budget would be our Milk Hand Cream (Repairing and Nourishing) to keep your hands soft, supple and smooth. This one is a total winner because the formula is charged with premium milk extracts which supply the right amount of nourishment to your hands. An absolute recipe for success, we say!

Now that we have provided you with the right ammunition to battle your skincare woes with, we sincerely hope that dry, dull skin bites the dust and your skin’s glow is visible from Mars!

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