Welcome to the age of unicorns! As you may have noticed, the ubiquitous unicorn trend has officially hit its peak and we couldn’t be more thrilled. Perhaps, the most Instagrammable of all creatures, this mystical being has taken over the world of social media and is rolling in the sun right now.

As I write this sipping a cuppa from my cute unicorn cup, I cannot help but think of the mystical whoosh of magical energy that I am about to unleash on the world. Are you craving for your dose of mystical energy? Say no more! Mumuso is here to play Santa for all your glittery unicorn dreams!

Don’t rue over the lack of a colorful splash in your life. Call us your fairy godmother and get awestruck as we wave our magic wands and hand over to you the ticket to the magic land of unicorns. We have heard about your inescapable obsession with cuteness (read unicorns) and we have got you covered. Revel in the rainbow of your dreams with our specially crafted unicorn merchandise that will give you vibes straight outta fairy tale. Truth be told, our range of unicorn merchandise is coveted and awesome and sure to get you hooked on, so here are a few things you could do to become a unicorn in a land of horses and gallop, err…fly away to glory!

Be a creative unicorn – #workofart

Let your creative juices flow with our unicorn range of stationery items and get ready to create masterpieces. At some point you won’t be sure whether it is you or the unicorn that is doing the magic!

Be a unicorn that travels in style #wanderlust 

Use our neck pillows from the unicorn range and say goodbye to neck pains on uncomfortable flight journeys. Our neck pillows are specially made from memory foam that adapts to the natural contours of your neck and are dreamingly comfortable.  

Be a unicorn who stays organized – #byeocd

Stay decluttered and organized with our cutesy and totes adorbs makeup pouches and bags. They are compact, sleek and a hassle free way to store your beauty weapons in. 

Be a unicorn that goes back to school in style – #unicornbabe

Going back to school may be boring, but hey! Fret not. Mumuso is here to fulfill all your girlie and glittery dreams with its range of backpacks. They are convenient, trendy and the perfect accessory to flaunt. Brownie points for the beautiful color combinations and super cute animated unicorn avatars.

Be a unicorn that is never too old for some mystical magic - #yolo

So as you might have discovered by now, Mumuso is the answer to all your unicorn dreams. But if you are worried about being judged for indulging in cute pick-me-up moments from the unicorn range, I say, get all unicorny and head butt your way to the magic land of unicorns. Because unicorns don’t lose sleep over the opinion of cows!

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