5 Beauty Essentials You Need to Have in Your Bag This Summer

5 Beauty Essentials You Need to Have in Your Bag This Summer

5 Beauty Essentials You Need to Have in Your Bag This Summer

It is that time of the year again when you cannot be at ease with yourself and yet you are on the lookout for the best skincare products in India. The scorching sun and the dehydrating work woes take a toll on your mind and body. How you look is more decisive than anything else when it comes to setting your mood right for the entire day. And, when you are planning your day out, you just cannot afford to miss your summer skincare routine to keep resistant and refreshed. Although it is not completely possible to beat the heat with outdoor summer products, they will certainly make the weather more bearable for you.  

Let’s chalk out a reasonable summer items list for you to carry and use this hot and humid season.

  1. Aloe Soothing Moisturising Spray:  A face mist at the end of a tiring day is all you need to cheer up your skin. And when the mist is infused with Aloe-Vera, there can be no better nutrition and hydration solution. The rising temperature and exposure to sun rays, and pollution make your skin dull, dry, and dark. All you need to do is close your eyes and spray from arm’s length before or after makeup and it replenishes the moisture and pH balance that your skin requires to look dewy and bright. 


  1. Chamomile Soothing Overnight Mask Instant cooling face masks have become a regular for beauty buffs, considering the irritations that our faces go through in this season. Rashes and sunburns are regular issues during the hot months and a soothing mask works like a saviour in such scenarios. These sheets work as antioxidants along with anti-inflammatory properties. Not only this, but you can also pat the excess serum from the mask and let it work overnight to give a soothing and radiant effect on your skin to prep you up for the next day. 


  1. Foundation Powder Paper:The rising demand for organic products for skin is a much-hyped trend that people are opting to keep their skin healthier. However, nothing can replace the demand for cosmetics (general having chemical compounds), when it comes to stepping out in the sun. The Foundation Powder Paper from the House of Mumuso is a must-have to combine a glowing complexion and a matte look absorbing the sebum on your face and cheeks as a result of high moisture content in the air.


  1. Green Tea Vetiver and Neem Face Wash: Cleansing your skin is perhaps the primary requirement considering the harsh environment and chemicals our skin is exposed to. A squeaky clean face is what makes your day smoother. Since breakouts form the most dreaded developments for the people in this sticky weather, the cooling, disinfecting, and cleansing effect of these summer ingredients can be a real winner.


  1. Mandarin Orange Body Wash:The feeling of freshness that a good bath lends is superior to the effect of any other beauty product. The aromatic and citrusy body wash with Mandarin Orange extracts can refresh your senses in an unparalleled way. Add to it the benefit of giving soft, smooth, and glowing skin and you may have just found the right thing to ace up and brace up for the approaching sunny season.


Mumuso is your ultimate shopping destination, for trending lifestyle products that house all these and much more for the blistering Indian summers. So now that we have made things a little convenient for you by shortlisting the essentials that might work for you, what are you waiting for? Just grab your choices online from Mumuso and have fun, sun-sational days ahead!

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