Brand Introduction

MUMUSO is a Global fashionable lifestyle brand focusing on selling products with fashionable and trendy design.

Inspired by Global fashion trends of combining traditional culture with modern society, the brand founder registered MUMUSO brand and its trademark in Korea in 2014, and is committed to selling products with reliable quality and affordable price as well as bringing the idea of “easy life” to people, spreading the tenacious, ever-lasting spirit of hibiscus to every corner of the world.

Based on the brand mission of “Let everyone enjoy the life”,  MUMUSO has set up its brand operation center in the world’s largest manufacturing country and the world’s “fashion capital” – Shanghai· China. Relying on the strong retail selling background, integrating global independent designers and high-quality supply chain resources, depending on strong product development capability and efficient logistics ecology, we have gradually made a way of international business after repeatedly persistent attempts.

In the future, MUMUSO will continue to adhere to the principle of selling high-quality products, integrate global fashion with our products design together, and strive to create a complete industrial chain with design as the core, move towards the great goal of “where there are young people, there is MUMUSO“.

Brand Concept

MUMUSO is aimed to bring the young consumers an easy, simple and funny shopping experience and lifestyle through the allegation of “Enjoy the Life”.

Product Concept

MUMUSO brand always adheres to the principle of selling products with reliable quality and affordable price, strictly observes to the borderline of high quality, strives to improve the upper limit of taste and price ratio and provides well-designed products, continuously optimizes the supply chain service system to reduce the cost, creating relaxing and lighthearted shopping experiences for consumers.

Cartoon IP

MUMUSO FAMILY, our original cartoon IP, has delivered an ideal of easiness, fun, and happiness with its unique and lovely image. The related products add more fun and satisfy young people’s yearning for a better life.


To be the best in value class retail destination, delivering customer delight, innovation for productivity thereby creating a sustainable and profitable business growth. To be the Most Admired brand in value fashion retail –  a benchmark in Process adherence, Service excellence and Employee Satisfaction.


The Brand Mission is to build a sustainable retail business models by providing high-quality, cost-effective, Fashionable and Home needs products to our customers.


MUMUSO is a brand with the focus on fashion, representing a simple, vogue and healthy lifestyle. Its products are purchased from all over the world.